Hello and Welcome to my Blog

My name is Brian K. Grace and I live in Lakewood, Colorado.  I’m a Realtor with Market Masters Real Estate which is an independent company operating under the Metro Brokers umbrella.  I’d like to give you a little background about why I have decided to start this blog and also give you an idea of what I intend to blog about.

As most everyone is fully aware, our Nation’s economy and more importantly, our local economy has been facing some definite challenges that have had a tremendous impact on our lives and the lives of our families.  My family and my business is no exception.  These are unprecedented times and the likes of which many of us, depending upon your age, have never witnessed firsthand.   It’s almost impossible to pick up the local newspaper or turn on the television without hearing about how bad our economy is and how many people have lost their jobs.  And for me specifically, it’s tough to stay positive about my own business and my own employment since many people blame my industry as the major reason for this economic tragedy.  Perhaps they are justified?  At any rate, I love what I do and I take great pride in helping individuals and families navigate the complex Real Estate environment.  It’s nice to be in an industry where you can help these folks either sell their home, buy another home, or both and know that you’ve truly made a difference in their lives and ultimately guided them through what will more than likely be the single most important financial transaction of their lives.

As I reflect upon my performance for 2009 and begin looking forward to 2010, I’ve asked myself a couple of questions.  How am I going to market my business in these difficult times?  What did I do in 2009 that was successful and will be successful again 2010?  Have I been a resource for my clients and have I added value to their particular situation?  What new trends should I look at implementing for the coming years?  And lastly, how is my industry changing and how can I be sure to stay ahead of the changes?

I’ve been extremely fortunate since beginning my Real Estate career and 2009 was no exception.  Apart from the ups and downs and cyclical nature of the business, I had a very prosperous and productive year.  I attribute that success to the relationships I’ve built with my co-workers, peers, mentors, friends, family members, and most importantly my clients.  I realize that it is these relationships that will be the key to my success in this business for years to come.  It is because of these relationships that I’ve decided to start this blog and become more of a resource for my clients.  The blog is just the beginning.  You will also be able to follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media outlets.  I am planning to author a quarterly or semi-annual newsletter too!  I’ve realized that if I’m nervous about the future of the housing market and I live and breathe this stuff everyday, I can’t imagine how nervous my current, past, and future clients are too.  So, as I educate myself on the latest Trends in the industry I hope to pass along that knowledge to you through this blog.  It will definitely be a learning experience and I will always be open to your suggestions for improvement or your suggestions for articles, topics, hints, and etc.  This is new and unchartered territory for me so, please be patient as I navigate this steep learning curve.  I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes so bear with me as I embark on this new challenge.  I regularly attend continuing education classes and seminars so that I can educate myself and stay on top of the latest trends and all of the experts tell us that we must embrace Social Media Marketing if we want to “thrive” in this new environment.  I hope that this blog will be an interactive forum and I welcome all of your feedback.

My goal is to post useful information at least once a week but as I become more proficient I hope to get the information to you more quickly.  Please keep your eye open for informative articles, market statistics, reliable contractors, great lending and mortgage advice, real estate investment info, neighborhood spotlights, and fun facts.  After all, what good is all of this if we can’t have fun?

I’d like to send a special “Thanks” to Chelsea Willis with Thrive Social Media for making this blog possible and to Jeff Boles for his fantastic photography that I plan to showcase in the header for this blog.  Thanks for following and enjoy.  Brian