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Brian K Grace

Buying A New Home

Buyers come in all forms- new and experienced. Wherever you are on the spectrum, whether you are buying your first starter home or dream retirement home, Brian has the experience to help you through the process.  If financing is a need, he can recommend one of his trusted lending partners so you can find the best loan program for you. If cash is your path , he will help you make the most of your money.

Brian will listen and learn about your unique needs, what you are looking for - your "Must Haves" and your "Wish List" and create search parameters specific for you. Properties will be evaluated, previewed, questions will be answered, and he will continue the search until you find the perfect home. He will guide you through the entire purchase process until you have the keys in your hands and are comfortably settled into your new home.

6 Steps For Buyers

1. Call Brian!

2. Get your credit in shape - Correct any errors, find ways to boost your credit score. Brian's lending partners can help you with this step.

3. Establish your budget - It is about your total monthly expenses, not just your house payment. Most people qualify for more than they actually want to spend.

4. Make a list - Buying a home is a process of elimination, not necessarily selection. A list will help you narrow your search. Similar to a funnel, start with a wide scope and begin to narrow your focus.

5. Get pre-approved for a mortgage - Now that you know what you can afford, get pre-approved and be ready to make a winning offer. Local lending partners can go a long way to helping you secure a home in a competitive market.

6. Think about resale - This may not be your "forever" home, so consider features that will boost your re-sale value. Brian can help point out these elements.

Brian's financial background, real estate expertise and relationships with the right partners will make these steps all that much smoother.

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