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Brian K Grace

Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be a taxing, stressful and emotional experience. Brian's goal is to lessen your stress by providing comprehensive listing services. He will spend a great deal of time with you to fully understand your wants and needs, timeframe, preferences, and your unique situation.

It begins with the home itself - Pricing, Condition, and Marketing.

Price is the major driver of a home sale and is driven by the market. Brian will carefully, and thoroughly help you price your home. He will not only consider market sales but will individualize pricing based on your home's unique attributes. Brian has extensive market knowledge throughout the metro area, is familiar with home trends and design, and will create a detailed Market Analysis to help you get the most value for your home.

He will also advise you on Condition. Condition is twofold - the physical condition of your home relative to price and viewership, and the condition for marketing purposes. Curb-appeal is extremely important because "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." Brian can make inexpensive suggestions that will go a long way to increasing your curb-appeal and the overall condition of your property.

In Marketing your home, no stone is left unturned - from hiring a professional photographer and using high definition photos and 3D floor plans, to multiple syndication services and targeted electronic media, the right strategies are used to sell your home as fast and at the highest price possible. Brian may suggest open houses, live-in caretakers, send targeted mailings, use social media to market to the unique needs of your home. He will use his multi-media marketing expertise to help make your home's story come to life.

Once you receive and offer, Brian will use his skills as a Certified Negotiation Expert to achieve the best price and help you negotiate the inspection process. He will review title documents, meet appraisers at the property, recommend contractors for repairs, and make the closing process as seamless as possible. Brian's expertise truly shines in getting the house under contract and managing the behind the scenes process of closing. Brian will be there, advocating for you each step along the way.

6 Steps For Sellers

1. Call Brian!
2. Clear the Clutter - 3 Categories - Keep, Sell, Toss.
3. Get Packing - Packing up your belongings and reducing the amount of personal items will help potential buyers visualize themselves in your home.
4. Know the Local Market - Chances are good that you will already know what homes are selling for in your neighborhood and how fast they are selling. Brian can help you compare your home to others that recently sold.
5. Repair and Upgrade - Brian knows many great contractors and can recommend their services to ensure your house is in good working order and makes an awesome first impression!
6. Be Realistic - Brian will help set expectations. Being realistic about the market will help remove some of the stress of selling.

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